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Welcome to, your number one source for DIY needle felted animals, dogs, flowers, and more.  Our designs are one of a kind, hand made by professional artists from around the globe.  We also supply needle felted wool, needles and supplies to get you started in this wonderful craft.  With an eye for high quality, our vision is to bring the best to you at cheap and affordable prices.  Our inventory changes daily, so snatch up your favorite designs quick, as they are only offered once.  Below is just a tiny sample of our needle felted DIY kit.

Our objective is to assist you make fantastic felt with fun, confidence and also support! Everything we do starts with love and also great want an inspired, fun as well as imaginative experience while making actually cool things with sheep's woollen. We carry a considerable variety of wool, fibers, tools, products and also sets to support your exploration of art and craft via needle felting, wet felting and also nuno felting. Our team is available and prepared to help with your questions to make sure you select the ideal woollen, fibers and supplies for your felting projects, and also classes.

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The accidental felter

When I tell people that I started to felt by accident, I'm not kidding! My friend, Barb Mary had taught me to do Locker Hooking. I made about 13 2'x3' rugs. I had a great time, but I wanted to do more. Likewise, I crochet only in the very basic sense of the word, and don't knit at all. So it was obvious to her that the options were pretty limited in what she could share with me. Barb encouraged me to purchase the Wingham Felting Tool. She didn't really instruct me on how to felt with it, nor did I buy any notice. I went home and made 3 hats, took them back to Barb and Gene to get their opinion. They told me that I was doing something a bit different. Hence, the accidental felter. I've since designed a soft hat form, 2' x 3' rug form, shawl form, and a few other things, that can be made by someone like myself, with little or no skill in knitting or crocheting, or even sewing. Needle.felting has opened up the world of wool and fiber to me, and I am so grateful. You can wear it, walk on it, hang it, drape it, give it as gifts, the ideas are endless. Everything is done with a simple barbed needle. Is that exciting?

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Needle Felting Products &Tutorials

Whether you are new or skilled in needle felting, wet felting, and also rotating, you have concerned the ideal source for every one of your Fiber Art requires. We lug a wide array of woolen and also materials ideal for practically any fiber art project or vision that you have in mind. Moreover, you will discover a lot more than just the top quality felting supplies you need to get going. We offer sources together with a neighborhood to help you with any type of inquiries, ideas or suggestions on all of your fiber art tasks. Felting wool provides pleasant support to make fiber art enjoyable as well as very easy for any person. We concentrate on needle felting supplies, the perfect fibers for needle felted sculpture, instructional sets, and original Felting woolen tools. Each of our items is produced, developed and provided with focus to detail as well as a funny bone. Whether you are a hobby felter, specialist fiber musician or collection agency, we have what you require for wholehearted enjoyable.

History of Feltmaking: What is Wool Felt?

Felt differs from any other fabric. Besides being non-woven, it is formed when pet fur or sheep's wool is exposed to warmth, pressure, and wetness. Alkaline representatives, such as soap, add to the felting procedure. Warmth as well as wetness, in particular, are responsible for opening the outer ranges along the fibers of the raw materials. Afterwards, the soap allows the fibers to become knotted with each other.

Woolen fibers are made up of a protein called keratin. This protein allows fibers to chemically bind with the keratin of other fibers. The long-term bond that results from this process is what makes felting irreparable.

The felting procedure is rather basic and requires little tools. Compared to other fabric techniques, felting permits makers to produce textiles in less time. No one is certain how people were able to understand that woolen as well as hair have felting buildings, yet some ideas recommend that individuals in ancient times have already been intrigued by the felt making procedure. Some presume that they might have seen matted woolen on sheep. Others suggest that the wool that has been shed from wild sheep developed into a mass of fibers after being subjected to the components. Maybe very early humans put wool into their shoes, which is thought to be made from animal hide, to maintain their feet cozy. After walking around with the stuffed wool, they may have recognized that the product came to be rigid and created into a special sort of material.

Historical finds in Turkey show the oldest possible evidence of the use of felt. Wall paints that were found in the location go back to 6500-- 3000 BC. In these pictures, concepts of felt appliquéing were found. Historical evidence was also discovered at Pazyryk, Southern Siberia. Really felt that go back to the 5th century BC was found inside the icy tomb of a nomadic tribal chief. These discoveries recommend that these very early human beings have actually currently created a sophisticated innovation or process of felt making.

For those that want to see these felt materials, you might go to the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia. These historical finds can also be checked out on their website at

Needle Felted And Wet Felted Jacket Dropping Ashes Information Manufacture Apart from old people from Turkey as well as Southern Siberia, the Romans and Greeks are additionally confirmed to have actually understood about felting. Roman soldiers incorporated felt into their breastplates to serve as included protection from arrowheads. They likewise used this textile for their boots, socks, as well as tunics. In Scandinavia, the earliest felt discovered in the area goes back to the Iron Age. In Hordaland, Norway, individuals discovered really felt sheets that are believed to be from around 500 AD. These were used as a shadow or covering for a body in a tomb. Presently, felt is still commonly used in many places throughout the world, particularly in locations with extreme environments.

Mongolian nomads are recognized to reside in tents called yurts or gers, which are made from really felt. Turkish people also make use of felt to develop carpets, hats, as well as extra. In South Central Asia, nomadic tribes use felt to cover their tents or as blankets and also carpets. Shepherds also use really felt cloaks called kepenek and hats as defense from severe climate. Really felt boots are likewise commonly created in Scandinavia and Russia.

Recently, a growing rate of interest and resurgence in feltmaking have appeared in Terrific Britain as well as Scandinavia. Nowadays, Americans are likewise showing a. terrific passion in modern feltmaking designs and also techniques, showing how relevant and also preferred the procedure is also in contemporaries.

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